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If you want a site that looks great and costs less than a semester of community college, try a SquareSpace or Wordpress Themeforest template. If you need help setting those up, try searching for freelancers on Upwork.

Don't you dare use my site's contact form asking me for the web address of any of the things I just mentioned! Ask Uncle Google instead.

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Web developers are like used cars: you generally get what you pay for, and if you're unlucky you might get much less than what you pay for.

But if you go into the process choosing cheapness over quality, then you actively court being broken down on the highway in the middle of the night with a dead cell phone, thinking, “maaaaaaaan, it's taken two months for the developer to get back to my last email, and we're now nine months past our original launch date, and there are still tons of bugs to fix … this is super stressful!!”

And you'll think back to this moment, and say to yourself, “I wish now I'd looked for a good developer instead of a cheap developer.”